Club Information

Constitution & Rules

Constitution and Club Rules

Name of the Club: The name of the club shall be The Crediton Photography Club

The aims of the Club: The Crediton Photography Club offers those interested in photography an opportunity to meet, compete, teach and learn. It will develop to meet the needs of its members, encouraging those new to photography whatever their age, to improve and share their skills and enjoy even more this fascinating art form.

The Rules of the Club:

1. Meetings of the Club will be held on an evening to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
2. The Officers of the Club will be the Chairman, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
3. The Committee will comprise the officers of the Club and up to six other members, all of whom will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
4. The Committee will have the right to co-opt members for any purpose and to form any sub-committee.
5. There will be an Emergency Committee who will consist of the Officers of the Club.
6. A Committee meeting will require two officers of the Club and three Committee members to form a quorum.
7. The Committee will arrange all competitions and competition rules.
8. The Committee will have the right to refuse membership at their discretion.
9. At the AGM, an EGM and Committee meetings the Secretary will take minutes.
10. Minutes of the Committee meetings will be made available to members on request: the member will pay for any permanent copies required
11. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the last month of the season.
12. The annual subscriptions will be decided at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. The Officers of the Club will decide on pro-rata subscriptions for those joining the Club partway through the season.
13. The three Officers of the Club will be signatories of the Club cheque account. Any two of their signatures will be required.
14. Membership will automatically imply agreement and compliance with the rules of the Club.
15. Information on the Clubs activities will be made available in the following ways:-
a) By programme
b) By Newsletter
c) An announcement at a Club meeting
d) In any other way decided by the Committee if it is thought that members would
be inconvenienced by an unforeseen change.
16. No member of the Club will be allowed to use Club equipment, other than at a Club meeting, without the authorisation of the Club Officers.
17. Members of visiting clubs and speakers are allowed to attend Club meetings free of charge. Guests of Club members are allowed to attend the meetings, the member inviting the guest will pay a fee to be set by the Club Committee. Anyone attending a Club meeting who is deemed to be a potential member may attend two meetings free of charge before being invited to join the Club.
18. The names of all persons attending Club meetings will be recorded in the Attendance Register.
19. Any member using private or public transport on official Club business, or incurring expenses on behalf of the Club may apply to the Treasurer for reimbursement of those expenses. Private transport expenses may be claimed at the rate set by the Club Committee.
20. In the event of a dispute or disagreement, a Club member will have the right to put their case to the Officers of the Club for a ruling: their decision will be final.
21. A proposal to be put to the Annual General Meeting should be notified to the Secretary in writing at least 14 days before the meeting and carry the names of the proposer and seconder. A proposal made later than 14 days before the meeting may be accepted at the discretion of the Chairman.
22. An Emergency General Meeting may be called by:-
a) The Committee
b) Any member, who must make a written request to the Secretary, outlining the reasons for that request. Such request must first have the support of a minimum of 25% of the membership. The meeting must be held within one calendar month. All members must be notified of the meeting in writing.
23. The Treasurer will provide an audited account of Club funds at the Annual General Meeting and a forecast of income and expenditure for the next season.
24. In the event of a resolution being passed at an Annual General Meeting or an Emergency General Meeting to wind up the Club, the Treasurer will pay all creditors and try to secure payment from all debtors of the Club. After an audit of the Club accounts has taken place, the Officers will proceed to wind up the Club as in Rule 25.
25. All Club equipment will be disposed of and the account/s of all creditors to the Club will be settled. The residue of the Club funds will be paid to one or more of the charities operating in Crediton, the beneficiaries will be decided at the meeting which passes the resolution to wind up the Club.
26. The Club Constitution and Club Rules together with the Club Privacy Policy will be reviewed annually at the AGM.
Amendments made subsequent to AGM 20/04/2018 and Committee Meeting 15/5/2018