Autumn Newsletter 2018

We meet at the Masonic Hall, Union Road, Crediton, on Friday evenings at 7.30pm
See our website for details and full programme.

Your Input……Your Say……Your Club
The Summer: There were a few club activities over the summer break and thanks to Cyril for organising a know-your-camera tutorial and Christine for her ‘landscape’ trip. Also fourteen members repeated the trip to Somerset Rebels Speedway – an enjoyable and challenging photography night which has produced a few club competition entries too.
Club Publicity & Promotion: During August we had our now annual and well received display in the Library which also appeared on their Facebook page. Thanks to all who supplied prints and to the two Davids who put up the prints and changed them halfway through the month. Following on from this, we used some of the prints for our display in Tesco foyer on 1st September. Whilst apparently successful in terms of potential new members, subsequently we haven’t had many stay with us. A special thanks to those that did a stint on the stand (and David Nation who supplied the stands).
Further to the foyer display, Tesco ‘ran’ a public photo competition which was supported by prints from Peter, Anne, Mick & Christine. This was not especially successful, attracting relatively few entries. Also, all four of our prints/mounts were damaged - apologies!

Lyn has advertised us regularly on Facebook and Jeanne has got us in the Crediton Guide. Thanks too, to Christine for decorating our tree at the Church Christmas Tree Festival.

September 14th: As the first meeting of the season and with initially a lot of new faces, our chairman introduced the new committee and summarised the programme for the year. We swiftly went on to show images we had taken during the summer to the theme of ACTION. There were contributions from Dennis, Peter, Christine, Anne, Mike E, David R, David K, John & Mick. Whilst we had specified only 5 images, most people had more and Mick W had a total of 25 images with a guided route around Scotland and a history lesson. For me, Anne’s AV was outstanding. David R’s bull ‘Ready For Action’ was also stand-out but in different way.

September 21st: In-house speakers David K gave a presentation on ‘My Macro & Close-Up Experience’ and Dennis a talk on ‘Macro For Less Than £30.’ What was very noticeable was that they had completely opposite opinions! Dave uses flash and doesn’t like macro diopters, Dennis likes natural light and uses diopters. (NB dmk subjects move!)

September 28th: Snapshot – Two Images Of Your Life. Taking place in the (warm) Methodist Church, this was a most entertaining evening with a very high level of contribution – Andrea, Christine, Dave K, Dave R, John, Lee, Mick, Mike A, Mike E, Norman, Peter & Russ. We learnt a lot of new things about each other – Dave R was nearly killed in a car crash, Mike A must have been (still is?) a heck of a golfer, Mike E has humble family origins in Dorset and Peter used to look like George Harrison (or JPR). There was an initial limit of two images each which was relaxed to include video clips etc. and of course Mick showed nineteen images!
Also that night Christine was given an award for her contributions to running the club the previous year.

October 5th: Tesco Supermarket Photography Competition. Unfortunately there were only 14 adult entries and 6 Under 16 entries. Our role was to ‘judge’ the best six in each age group which was done fairly swiftly on a show of hands basis. The Tesco public then decided the ultimate winners (150 people voted - Dave R said he voted four times!) With a lot of the evening still remaining we then ‘critiqued’ a large number of images from previous years WCPF competition entries – some were superb but some didn’t impress!

October 12th: Gemma Varney - Street / Reportage Photography. Gemma is a commercial award winning local photographer who spent the evening showing some of her street photography shots especially from around Europe. She was very open and willing to let us critique her images – which we all thoroughly enjoyed. To some extent it was like she was showing us her holiday snaps.
October 19th: Peters Progress in AV. Another in-house speaker but this time a proper PAGB (AV) accredited photographer. Peter showed us a number of his AV’s including his PAGB application and took us through the ‘exam’ process. He was full of useful tips and detailed the real practicalities of building up an AV using PicturesToExe, including the soundtrack as well as the images. He demonstrated what not to do using one poor member’s feeble AV attempt for the summer ACTION theme! (I’m allowed to write that!) Altogether a very instructive talk. Hopefully Peter will have encouraged some club members to try AVs.
October 26th: The First Competition judged by Neil Stangham. A good judge in some respects (apart from the fire arm joke) in that he provided strong advice on how to improve our work and substantiated his selection of winners. However, his spread of marks was too limited as nearly every picture got 15! The impression is, that he picked the winners prior to the night but marked the remainder on the hoof on the night - not what we want. Our Competition Secretary plans to ‘advise’ (sort out) our future judges!!!!! As a non-competitor this time, I can legitimately say that I thought the standard was very high. It was also good to see some different faces with the top marks and I really appreciated Terry’s Dragonfly.

November 2nd: Nigel Hicks – Landscape for All. This Devon based photographer’s work has international repute - providing photographs for the likes of National Geographic - now that’s class! As a commercially successful professional, Nigel’s images were obviously good, but what was staggering was the range of locations and different types of photography that he does – even macro – and all exceptional. Impressive and a master of his trade.
November 9th: Who Would be a Judge. As a new item for our programme, we each provided 5 images to be judged by groups of our peers. Most of us struggled to quickly and properly analyse what we saw and resorted to just saying whether we liked or disliked a particular image. Scoring was fairly anonymous but most people were inhibited by not wanting to be seen to criticise others work. Nonetheless, it was an interesting night and something different.

November 16th: John Dike – The Shackleton Expedition. A different presentation to our norm, this was an account of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition supported by photos and equipment from the early 20th Century. John provided a very well researched and detailed talk about a national hero and his achievements. Interesting and educational, this demonstrated the value of inspirational leadership (no political sleight intended!??)
November 23rd: Practical Workshop. Those that attended with cameras had the chance to try their hand at something perhaps different – educational for some and frustrating for others! We had photography exercises on macro, oil on water, water droplets, still life, painting with light and Cyril did another of his ‘teach-ins.’ Thank you for all those who set up and ‘ran’ the different activities.

November 28th: SDPL Print Competition 2018. As usual we were propping up the table being fourth out of four clubs. Not as bad as it sounds - a spread of only 13 points between first and last! (Mind, judges are about as consistent as the weather – some prints that do well in our club competitions don’t do well in inter-club competitions???) However, it is important that we continue to take part – we will only improve by measuring ourselves against others!
November 30th: Colin Hulley of Permajet. This was a remarkably good night in terms of our coffers, with about 50% of our audience being visitors from Exeter, Tiverton, Exmouth and Dawlish clubs. (£3 vs £1 for entry). Colin gave an obviously frequently presented and polished talk in a relaxed way on the process of producing quality prints. Whilst beyond my technical expertise it expanded my knowledge and I noticed that it also engaged some of those in the club that I regard as expert at printing. A salesman’s job well done!
December 7th: The Second Competition judged by Mike Birbeck. At last a ‘Proper Judge,’ Mike was quite exceptional in that as well as being a very experienced photographer, he impressed us with his analysis of every image and scored accordingly – 10-20 points – wow! His comments were technical and straight from the shoulder and even I understood his thinking. As usual Mick did well but personally I thought Christine’s ‘Tulip Staircase’ and Peter’s ‘The Organ Pipes’ were great. I also appreciate Mike’s ‘Fly Agaric’ – I like to see macros do well (that’s two now with Terry’s ‘Dragonfly’)

December 14th: Christmas Meal – at the Devonshire Dumpling. A total of 18 people (members and wives) passed a very relaxed and convivial evening with good food and good company at a good venue – well I enjoyed it anyway. The evening was enlivened with a quiz organised by David R for which Paula won a bottle (donated by Christine) and Dave K earned the ‘booby prize’ – a lemon. Thank you to all that attended, I hope you enjoyed the evening too.
The Chairman’s Bit: For the end of this term, I would like to thank all members for their support and contribution to the various club meetings and events. Particular thanks are due to the committee without whom the club would not exist. All the committee roles require commitment of time and effort so that others can enjoy their Friday nights – I thank them on your behalf.
Finally, I wish you all a happy Christmas with your families and see you in the New Year.

DMK (Chairman)