End of Season Newsletter April 2017

We meet at the Masonic Hall, Union Road, Crediton, on Friday evenings at 7.30pm
See our website for details and full programme.
Your Input……Your Say……Your Club
In this Newsletter there are contributions from Russ, Mick, Cyril, Jeanne and Anne, our thanks to them, and to Mick for supplying many images (comp entries etc).
I couldn’t produce this Newsletter without the help of the contributors, in particular Jeannie and Anne, we are all grateful to them, otherwise you would have to put up with more of my litery garbage (and spelling – yeah I know “literary”). Your views, comments and suggestions for articles that would interest other members would be gratefully received. Please contact the Chairperson.

The Chair’s Bit
The end of our year approaches and with it the end of my Chairmanship. I cannot say that this has been as easy year, as chairman, with so many challenges along the way, but what has remained the same is the tremendous support, commitment and enthusiasm from the members and the committee. This has actually made it 'worthwhile' and I cannot thank you all enough. I can however ask you to support Richard in the same way next year and I hope that we can enjoy a further year of fun and photography.
I wish you all a very relaxing but fruitful summer, and keep those shutters clicking ! ! !
Best wishes Russ.

WCPF AV Competition Results 2017 Judge: Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP/b AV-EFIAP BPE5* APAGB
Well done to Anne and Peter who entered AV’s in the above recent competition. Peter got a “Commended” for his long sequence “From Haytor Rocks to the Sea”, and Anne a splendid “Highly Commended” for her short sequence “Dad Rides On”.
I see that Sheila Haycox received a 1st place for her Photo Harmony “Wildlife in Costa Rica” – we’ve seen some of her photo harmony AV’s and we know how good they are! Ed.

Club Members Survey
David Kirk published in mid-April the results of the survey he had organised, which made interesting and informative reading. Well done David, this will help the Committee with programming.

Notes from the programme 2016-2017
6th January 2017 – Image Matching – Judge Jeffreys (AKA Russ)
Ok, you’re right, that is unfair to Lord Chief Justice George Jeffreys. Our “judge” (and I use the word very loosely and under advisement) for the night was none other than someone who hadn’t even bothered to read the rules, and indeed, changed his own set of rules halfway through the night! Do I sound bitter, Team “A” bravely led by Mary managed to scrape together 8 points. Huh, 16 rounds and we managed only 8 points, whilst teams “C” (Denzil) & “D” (Dave) shared the top spot with an unbelievable 19 points. Closely followed by team “B” (Ian) with 14 points.
OK, the idea is to relax and enjoy fun night, which we did. This is a great night in the club’s programme which would not have been possible without Mike Elliott who sorted out the “app” and poor Russ, who was the butt of much barracking!

13th January 2017 - Speaker - David Clapp
Well, I’m almost lost for words, I’m staggered and exhausted! David has to be one of the most inspirational and exciting photographer/speakers around. “Come and have a look in my bags” – and be jealous! Canon equipment to make one drool (he “test drives” for Canon – he’s that good!) Now we have had some really excellent speakers at the club, but David (a pro for 10 years) is going to be hard to beat. He had been out on Dartmoor during the day to play in the snow (unintentionally using his car as a toboggan) as well as take a few photos and then drops in on us with a non-stop talk and display of superb photos. Oh, and my kind of stuff in there, rusty tractors, broken machinery, crumbling buildings – the really interesting “grunge” stuff. OK, some brilliant landscapes, travel, buildings etc, as well. Transitions, from farmland to empty deserts. And Velvia film – he has been intrigued by film photography in a digital world, has a large format camera, tilt and shift lenses and produces images with incredible colours.

27th January 2017 – AV Workshop & Demo – Peter Budd
The aim of this evening was for members to bring along their AVs for discussion and to learn techniques to enable people to make improvements to their work. Russ had prepared 2 sequences made by 2 different apps, Movie Maker and Magix Photo Story, based on a visit to Avranches and Mont St Michel - and as is his wont Russ incorporated a certain amount of humour. Dennis followed on with his take on Christmas Lights set to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and we were treated to a peek at Chez Dennis decked out in real Christmas style. Peter showed us his “Christmas Tree Festival” and demonstrated an excellent method of putting portrait photos into landscape shots. I showed “Dad rides on”, this sequence having come about following a request to go along and photograph a charity cycle ride from Dart’s Farm down to Exmouth involving nearly 200 participants.
David (I think he likes airplanes) showed “Fleet Air Arm Museum” complete with voice over and sound effects and lots of wonderful aircraft images. Jeanne produced a very good sequence on Lapford Revel, to be commended as it was her first attempt at an AV and completed in 24 hours. Peter followed with his “Listen to the Band” using lots of photos taken of Crediton Town Band… hmm, looking all very familiar to me! Mick Wells, last but of course not least, finished the member’s sequences with his “Studio Photography” using stunning images of several models he had used on 4 different shoots. The evening was rounded off with 2 excellent sequences from WAVES members. A few pointers we learned: - use a script, keep it short and read aloud before recording, record everything in one go / experiment with your mic, use cushions / make sure you remove the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen / jumping from landscape to portrait shots is not good on the eye. All in all a very successful and useful evening and hopefully an inspiration to people who haven’t tried making an AV to HAVE A GO. Thank you Peter.

3rd February 2017 – Digital Panel
This evening was a huge success with 14 members all displaying at least one panel. 26 panels in total were displayed but the best “performance” was not a panel, Mike’s AV “Elf” which he produced for a competition held at the Christmas Tree festival – and not surprisingly won.
Thanks to Lyn, Dave, Norman, Russ, Cyril, John A, Christine, Peter, Richard, Mike, Anne, Mick and Ken who all contributed to a most enjoyable evening.

10th February 2017 – Speaker - Marion Frances LRPS - “Photographing People”
Well, Marion had so many hints and tips – hands, joints, blemishes, settings, environment, how to deal with children, that although she asked us to bring our cameras, we just about had time for a tea break – and even then we finished later than usual! A very interesting evening, I will take more care and thought when next photographing people – I expect that’s just what she wanted!

17th February 2017 – Speaker – Christine Marshall - “A Romp Through Foreign Photographic Experiences”
Another of our talented members who can host an interesting evening sharing their experiences. Travel photographs are not always favoured by judges who tend to want a close crop, thus losing the context of place, but despite this Christine has done extremely well in competitions. She took us around the world with images from her travels in at least 17 countries (last year to Australia with Club 18-30!!)– each image supported by a short, interesting, often humorous, comment covering the “why” as well as the “where”! From this last holiday she presented an AV – redone following Peter’s talk on 27th January! 2 further AV’s ended the evening, “Carving Buddhas in Mandalay” (hint-always cover camera and wear a mask!), and “Magwe Revisited”. A super evening, thank you Christine.

24TH FEBRUARY 2017 – THE WCPF TRAVELLING PRINT EXHIBITION This is made up of approx. 100 prints chosen from those high scoring prints selected for inclusion in the 2016 WCPF Members Exhibition but that did not quite make it into the final selection for hanging at the exhibition in Bovey Tracey golf Club. These are circulated to the WCPF clubs so that they can be enjoyed by their members. It’s taken almost a year to reach us. Each club has to collecting and pass on to the next club to a strict timetable, this done for us by Mick.
The aim is to give clubs an opportunity to view and discuss the collection, at a minimal cost. Clubs are completely free to decide for themselves how they view the work.
During the afternoon, Mick and John A, after several tries and reorganising, managed for the first time ever, to display all the prints around the room. This meant club members were able to view them all, in a relaxed atmosphere, before discussion commenced.
Russ led the first half of the evening by selecting 3 prints in turn for general discussion, followed by a welcome cuppa, thanks Gwyn. In the second half each member selected 1 or 2 prints of their choice, and explained the reason for their decision.
The effort involved in obtaining and setting up was well worth it and all members had the opportunity to “air their views”.

3rd March 2017 – The Great Onion Experiment – Richard Burston
Well, it just goes to show how creative people can be, even with the challenge by Richard of “produce and image of an onion.” 17 members displayed a variety of, well, onion images (and AV’s)! Explanations ranging from “Using all 10 zones”, “Mr Trump & Tessa May Onion”, an AV “Humble Onion”, Denzil with his first attempt at a layer mask, Cyril’s “Outer Space” (inspired by Messrs Wells & Russell), “Onion Photography & Onioneering” using Lego, excuses of using a mirror, an onion petal flower, an onion orchid (involving vegetable carving), “flamed”, using 2 lamps and altered density, photo stacking, using natural lighting, an AV “Onion Interview” and the use of blending + ALT key (need to find out what that is all about), B & W channel mixing, use of natural light, and another Peter AV “I Love Onions”. I’m glad I’m not the only one who ignores the rules, as members “went to town” (and in the case of Ken, bought 2 onions while there!) with Richard’s challenge. A very entertaining evening and a hugely successful experiment.

10th March 2017 - Speaker - Chris Marsham – “Printing My Way Through Kenya & India & Getting Stuck In The Ice”
We were very lucky to have Chris, another of Newton Abbotts accomplished photographers, as a speaker at short notice. His talk was a mixture of prints in the first half of the evening, which varied from prints of images taken in Kenya, to images of a trip that he took from Nagaland in North East India, down to Calcutta, stopping a few times on the way down. There were some very striking images of the tribesmen in Nagaland who, as part of their culture, tattoo their faces. With these he showed the difference in quality, colour and detail obtained using different papers, specifically Natural Textured Bright White (Photospeed), and using Lustre, however using both his prints were full of interest and clarity.
After the break Chris showed his AV using film and images about his trip to Antarctica on board a Russian icebreaker (the KAPITAN KHLEBNIKOV), the only ship capable of doing this trip – and hence his talk title! They left the port of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, for Snowhill Island, then helicopter and a walk to the colony of Emperor Penguins. Nobody told the penguins that the photographers were to keep 6 feet away from them! Chris got some wonderful film of the various albatrosses, snow petrels, skuars, some with wingspans of around 3 metres, all of which are the bane of penguin chicks!!
Chris said that they were very lucky as it should have been a two-week trip, there and back, but they got stuck in the ice, so they had an extra week, during which time they had good weather, so good photographic opportunities.

24th March 2017 –“Humorous” Print Panels (& Interesting) Images
I’ve added “Interesting” to the title for the night because that is what was displayed. Russ got the evening off to a start with his panels of coins – very interesting were his collection of 50p’s all worth more than face value! Peter with “A Day at Crowcombe Heathfield station”, Mike Elliott showed prints “Out of the Box” from his new Canon printer on various papers, John Jones and his journey from and back to Leica cameras, Christine “The Jenolan Caves” in Australia, Lyn “Cornish Engine Houses”, John A “Men on the Steam Train Railways” & “Boats”, Mick “Abandoned Baths” (his first panel from 7 years ago), “Xmas Tree Festival” and “Models with Added Value!”, Jeannie “Animals”, why I noted “deaf in one ear and blind in the other” I can’t remember! Cyril presented “Crediton Carnival” and “The Early Days”.
For the “Humorous” part of the evening I shall not mention Russ and his selection, but there were decent images from Christine, David, Dennis, John A and Anne. Great evening with lots of members taking part and everyone enjoying a relaxed atmosphere!

31st March 2017 – Club Critique Evening
The critique evening was attended by a good percentage of the Club Members, who brought a very wide variety of prints for discussion. It was very pleasing to see prints from our new members – one of Rob’s, “Two Children” was chosen by the members as “Best In Show” just pipping Richard’s “Crested Tit”.
The prints were distributed on tables around the room and in turn they were viewed and discussed by groups of Club Members. The evening was concluded with the prints being displayed in front of all members, and comments being made on them from the individual Groups.

7th April 2017 – Mike Russell in Scotland & Members AV’s
Mike began his talk by showing us some dramatic images of Dawlish, his home town, with giant waves crashing over the railway lines there. Spectacular!
We were then whisked up to bonnie Scotland and Mike showed us lots of his wonderful landscapes and fed us with his great knowledge of the all the areas he has visited and photographed. Was that a certain Paul McLoughlin lurking there in a couple of the images? During the break we were invited to take a look at his books and some more of his prints. Thank-you Mike.
After tea there was some information for us all on the forthcoming East Town Café exhibition followed by a few AV’s to finish off the evening :- Dennis with “Calgary”, Christine with her “Jenolan Caves”, Mick with a sequence of this year’s winning competition entries and myself with “To the Lighthouse”.

11th April 2017 – 3 Way Club Meeting at Dulverton
Hey, some clubs know how to organise events, this was held by Dulverton in the Anchor Inn Pub! Only trouble is I lost my scrawled notes and now have to rely on a very dodgy memory and a big thanks to Russ for hitting me with the back of his bat to shake up the brain box! Okehampton batted first and were all out after a digital display of the Festival of Music and Lights at the Eden Project and a GoPro video on a mile long death slide at 100 mph, oooh nooo!
Okehampton fielded their prints from Derek Stratton who had enlisted the help the acting community of North Tawton, portraits on the subject of Shakespeare characters (Shakespeare's 400th Birthday)
and some had been accepted for the Members Exhibition of the WCPF, well caught Derek.
Peter Main from Dulverton showed some of his prints from an estate he visits in Scotland, but he was caught short because of time constraints. His images of deer will probably never be repeated after the Highland Clearances (of deer). Out for a duck he enlisted the help of our Richard to identify some of his bird images.
We gave them both a good run with, yes Onions, involving not just our images, but a humorous speech by John A (well I thought it was)! We hit a couple of boundaries and a direct hit with 3 AV’s Christine’s “Buddha Carving”, Anne’s “To The Lighthouse”, and Dennis’s “Calgary”. Great night to reacquaint with old friends, even though one is a judge! A very good innings by us and very well supported by our club members.

21st April 2017 – Season Review and Presentation of Trophies
Russ led the evening by taking us through the very successful evenings we had over the year and then David and Richard went through the survey and sought members’ views.
Mick had prepared a “Photo Harmony” AV of all our internal competition entries, each person’s entries displayed with suitable music, yet another splendid AV from Mick. Very clever, mine with guitar music, I think “An Unexpected Journey” (The Hobbit) maybe, for Christine’s, and Mick’s models accompanied by “You Look Wonderful Tonight”. Hopefully he will reveal the music he used, he’s too clever by half! I’m looking forward to seeing this AV again.
Russ then had the enjoyable task of presenting the trophies, yet again with Mick winning all three, The Phillips & Co Shield for Monochrome Prints, The John Mason Memorial Shield for Colour Prints and The John Parkhouse Cup for Digital Images.
John Andrews was presented with a bottle of wine and the Mike Russell Committee Cup for his efforts regarding the Newsletter.
Digital Images
1st Mick Wells 151
2nd David Kirk 124
3rd Russ Ballard 118
(well done Mary joint 4th 115)
Mono Prints
1st Mick Wells 143
2nd Christine Marshall 129
3rd Michael Elliott 98
Colour Prints
1st Mick Wells 147
2nd Christine Marshall 128
3rd Russ Ballard 117
Image of the Season 2016-17 – Chosen by Jeannie. Thanks to Jeannie for her annual contribution to the “Season Review”. This year it was Peter Budd’s “Tight Control” just beating Lyn’s “Rushing Past” and Cyril’s “That’s My Parking Space”.
Jeannie commented on her first choice “Although it is a moving target it is very clear and sharp, and the “driver” is concentrating on what the horses are doing rather than posing for the camera. It was a difficult choice.”

External Competitions
Western Counties Photographic Federation – DPIC Competition
Sunday 5th February 2017 - Held at Exeter Corn Exchange
As usual Mick selected 18 images to represent Crediton in this year's event. As per last year the “wash – up” was a complete wash out, and again really spoilt the whole day.
Not wishing to be an “old poofah” well done to the Dorchester and F8 clubs who got the top score of 208. We managed 173 points, all we needed was a couple of extra points per image! 56 clubs entered, same as last year - Crediton came a creditable 51=. There were some stunning images but only one got the top mark of 15. This was a fantasy image courtesy of Photoshop, rather than an actual photograph. Mick (two 12’s) and Lyn (11) got our best marks.
Our thanks to Mick for organising our entry to this event.

8th March 2017 South Devon Photographic League – DPIC
Hosted by Dawlish & Teignmouth – Judge Alan Davey LRPS
Dawlish & Teignmouth are wonderful hosts (half time was sandwiches, cakes and sweets) but the eight people from Crediton, who made the trip to Holcombe, were on tenterhooks as our score for the print competition was disappointing. Each Club submits 15 fifteen images no more than two from any one photographer and we hoped for better things with our digital images.
The first image displayed was ‘Admiring the View’ by John Andrews. This is a classic image, depicting a man gazing at a landscape picture in an art gallery. He’s hankering for a past that never was, and dreaming of a culture and certainty that was white, urban and stoic - a reflection of his poor and hard beginnings in South East London*. However, it was soon fairly obvious that the top of the art gallery picture and the man’s legs had been totally removed.
*Nothing so deep Mick, being a self-portrait so to speak, I was actually wondering if the camera time lapse was going to work! Ed
There then followed an embarrassing 20 minutes whilst the projectionist tried to remedy the problem – which was a mismatch between the aspect ratios of the Dicentra software, the laptop (a Sony Vaio) and the projector (a Canon SX80 Mk2). The audience tried to help. Forty people shouting out their advice on how best to configure these complex devices. And failed. The show continued with truncated images. (It was fixed in the interval at half time). I personally enjoyed the evening. I thought some of the images were really stimulating …
‘Blue Gate’ by Gordon Aspland (NA), ‘Kings Cross Station’ by Ian Bateman (Exmouth)
‘Dark Hedges’ by Lyn Buckly (NA), ‘Paddy’s Hole – Huts and Works’ by Christine Chittock (Exmouth)
‘Dartmoor Sunrise’ by Richard Garvey-Williams (NA), ‘The Station Master’ by Andy Lock (Exmouth)
‘Weather Wise’ by Tony Wilson (D&T)
I thought the judge was very knowledgeable and interesting, but could be technically quite picky - for example where a mild vignette had altered colour. But a piece of advice that I definitely did take on board was the importance of applying a subtle border (he suggested thin muted grey) to an image that had a very dark or black background.
The scores were as follows with Exmouth the winner on the night, but Newton Abbot the overall winner. For this Digital competition Crediton did much better, coming 3rd - but combining the Print competition results (held last November) and the Digital results, Crediton came 4th (but with the slightest of margins)
The final table of results:
Prints Digitals Total
Crediton 233 214 447
Dawlish & Teignmouth 245 207 452
Exmouth 242 227 469
Newton Abbot 247 226 473