Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter
It was the general feeling of the “Crediton Inn Sub Committee” after the First Trophy Comp that the image of the night was Ken’s “Fushia”, a brave choice by the judge but so well deserved.
Your Input……Your Say……Your Club
I see that Dorchester Camera Club came 3rd in the Camera Club of the Year 2015-2016, well done them, we’ve seen some of their work in the WCPF DPIC. Word on the street in the Close is that Cyril has upgraded his Nikon to the 7100 after missing an important shot of the “Royal Scot-46100” – boys and their trains!
In this Newsletter there are contributions from Christine, Dave, Russ, Mick, Mike and Anne, our thanks to them. Thanks also to those who sent images for inclusion, and to Mick for supplying many images (comp entries etc). Your views, comments and suggestions for articles that would interest other members would be gratefully received. Please contact John Andrews
The Chair’s Bit
Hi all
In spite of the trials and tribulations in the first half year, I have really enjoyed 'winging’ it on Friday nights and just hope that 'tis not too noticeable, but we have had some of the best evenings for a very long time. I would like to thank all those members that have come to the front of the room and entertained us so regally, and also all of our Speakers and Judges ( especially the one that gave me a second place) that have given us motivation and encouragement. As the end of first half of our year draws closer, I hope that the second half will bring more of what we have seen, and I would like take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year. Very Best Regards Russ
Club Promotion
A big “well done” to John Stedman who threw loads of ideas into the pot, came up with some crackers, and worked hard to ensure all were successful.
Christmas Tree Festival, Crediton Parish Church December 1st – 4th
and Library Exhibition December & January
A big effort by everyone enabled us to sponsor a tree at the festival, covered in “where is it?” photos, taken by club members. John S together with Christine and John A, decorated the tree with the images printed and mounted by Michael. There was a glimpse of our tree during “Songs of Praise” aired 11th
Meanwhile, Terry & Cyril managed to wangle two months of library exhibition space and set up the first wall the same time as the “Tree” was going up. Having the extra month of library space gives them the opportunity to show more members’ photographs in January and another month’s advertising! “Tree” by Russ!

Tesco Stand 4th November 2016
We are grateful to Tesco for allowing us to have a stand which was manned (and Lady’d) by
Anne, Lynn, Peter, Russ Christine, Dave & John S, each taking a few hours to answer questions from the public. The stand was loaned to us by David Nation and our thanks go to Andrew Drayton, Tesco Community Champion for the organisation. The images used in the display were from many club members.
In addition, the town sprouted numerous flyers!
Notes from the programme 2016-2017
16th September 2016 – Evening Out/Summer Challenge/Programme Intro
Russ welcomed us all back after the summer break and thanked the committee for their not inconsiderable help with the programme and explained some of the entries.
John Stedman presented his “Promotion Overview” for the Club including the “Holy Cross” Christmas Tree Festival for which he has managed to secure a tree, exhibitions being organised by Cyril & Terry, and the other ideas he had.
Tea Time Summer Challenge – there were a few entries for this, most eagerly awaited (not) was John A’s AV, in complete disregard of the Challenge entry rules (again). As customary, Russ invited us to select our favourite entry, and for once the Chair’s selection proved to be correct. The best images from the Evening Outing entries were taken outside the Mill on the Exe. The AV did receive a fair hearing!
After viewing the entries Russ chose Christine Marshall’s entries 1st place “Bowls Club” and 3rd place “Devon Cream Tea” (yep, it’s a “Devonshire”, jam on top!) with George’s “Tea on the Lawn” in 2nd place.
A bottle of something was presented to Christine later!
23rd September 2016 – Photo Books (Christine Marshall)
& Aircraft Photography (David Kirk)
Christine explained why it is necessary to organise one’s images before starting to use a programme designed to produce a professional quality photo book. Page layout and “story” is very important. She uses “BLURB” (from the UK site) to produce her books and it soon became apparent that at least another 4 members use the same product which one can download and use offline. She displayed quite a few of her books (which are outstandingly beautiful and used when she gives talks) made using the images she has taken on her travels.
David likes images of military aircraft - for some it's their dogs, for David it's airplanes.
How anyone can tell, let alone remember, the difference between an F22 and an F35 ….and he wasn’t the only one in the Club! We know his macro images are excellent and now we know some of the secrets behind his airplane images. Simple: two cameras, long lens 70-300mm, shutter speed priority - 1/250 for the propeller types and 1/1000 for jets - spot focus, burst mode and compensate plus one stop for aerial shots and a second camera with a wide angle lens for the static displays. His long-suffering wife keeps his place in front of the control tower if he is taken short and he wears a baseball cap to protect his bald patch from the sun! That’s it - easy. Now you know his secrets… For the nights talk he also produced his first A-V ...... and he likes Fleetwood Mac!
30th September 2016 – Fresh Angles (Mike Elliott)
& The Studio (Mick Wells)
Unfortunately, Mike was unwell and unable to give us his presentation on “Fresh Angles” but Russ bravely stepped in so that the show could go on. Russ took us through Mike’s excellent presentation on “Altered Perspectives” – this year’s themed competition. It appears we are being challenged, challenged being the operative word, to produce new and interesting takes on our images, using literal angles and other elements, a different point of view and perhaps some imaginative process processing – for those who have the necessary skills. It seems there are limitless possibilities! Mike had put together some weird and wonderful images drawn from the internet as illustrations to give us some ideas - perspective drawing not as we know it! Good luck to all on this one….
Russ did a recap for us on how our forthcoming evening on “Image Matching” will run with 4 teams and members submitting a few images for their captain to choose from.
During the second half of the evening Michael Wells related his recent experience of Studio Photography. He told us how he had decided to hire the Studio owned by David Snowden and of the various trials and tribulations he had gone through to enable his 4 hour long shoot - ie the search for a model. How many models to employ? How to manage the lighting? Autofocus problems? Tripod or hand-held? Tethered laptop? So there he is in a large, quality studio bursting with all sorts of gear and complete with make-up room, upstairs lounge and coffee machine, not to mention the infinity cove, the loud rap music, the noisy fan and “The Case of the Burned Blouse”?? What were the results? A stunning sequence of his edited images from the day of the two models – Amber and Jess – (plus a few of Amber’s Dad) Brilliant! To be continued I suspect…
Sheila visited us again, this time to show us a few of her images (about 200?) which not only does she print herself but also mounts, and some of her AV’s (17!) Asked when she found time to do all this she admitted that housework may get a bit behind! Several of her panoramas were on show throughout the evening, whilst she displayed at a pace quite a few boxes of images, commenting on each very briefly. Everything from barn doors, to models - nothing is sacred nor safe from her camera, nor indeed from her creativity, some done in camera. (Don’t mention the dog to Mick!!)
She can make an interesting image from just about anything, sometimes even just by framing differently. I’ve enthused about her AV’s before (see Autumn 2015 Newsletter) and we were treated to more, including a thought provoking documentary “Is there hope for Mayanmar?” Another wonderful evening with this exceptional photographer. for her Photoshop hints and tips.
21st October 2016 – Club Members Night – Film to Digital
This evening was a chance for Club Members to talk about their photography, and probably one of the most enjoyable evenings in the calendar!
Cyril explained his method for scanning of negatives which he used for “The Crediton 2000” book put together with other Photography Club members in 1999. For his contribution to the book he used Ian Wylies Minolta 35mm film scanner. This led him into film scanning from 35mm negatives. Medium format negatives mainly from his Landscape Photography followed.
He now uses an Epson 4490 Flat Bed Scanner for film scanning, both 35mm and Medium Format, he has also re-photographed negatives with a Copy Stand and Digital camera. The Software he uses is called Vue Scan, produced by Ed Hamrick.
The B&W prints he presented were printed on an Epson R2400 printer, using Roy Harrington's Quad Tone Rip (QTR). Not finished yet, he is still seeking ways to improve the finished product, even now trying "Square Landscape" prints.
Russ told of his experience moving from film to digital (Dimage S304 which still works, surprisingly) in 2003. Dennis (his first SLR bought camera in 1970, an Olympus costing 2 months’ salary £169) went digital in 2006. Mike (whose cupboards in every room must be full of his and his wife’s, also a serious photographer, old film cameras, (many still working) gave us a history of his progress through cameras until switching to digital, EOS 10D.
28th October 2016 – Speaker – Gabi Krukenberg Tayler ARPS – “Lone Traveller”
I was lovely to see Gabi back at the Club where she has many friends. “Lone Traveller” did not refer to her travelling alone, as she is accompanied by hubby Roger, but refers to them making all their own arrangements, preferring to use local companies and guides when appropriate. They even do “cycle tours” (but not often, and uses mobile phone camera). She describes herself as not a travel photographer but as a “contemporary photographer”, photographing “as she sees it”.
We were treated not only to photographs of, Laos, Cambodia, (if you go up the Mekong river take a torch), Iran (by taxi!) Argentina and their cycle tour in France (from Roscoff, down the Bay of Biscay, Bordeaux across to Toulouse, Montpellier finishing at Sete with its oyster and mussel beds – a mere 2000k!
A great evening filled with stories, humour and great images.
4th November 2016 – Speaker – John Baker – “Pushing The Limits”
A good turnout increased by potentially four new members induced to attend by todays recruitment campaign - thanks to those who participated at Tesco and special thanks to John S & Cyril.
John, from Exeter Camera Club, has had his images extensively used in the press and without doubt his images are impressive and his delivery enthusiastic. I also liked the stories of when things went wrong e.g. being cut off by the tide on Burgh Island! In the first half of the talk he covered his ‘astro’ techniques and we saw many beautiful images of wide sky landscapes/seascapes with the Milky Way as a back-drop and also deep space shots. His preparation involved software to predict the position/time of stars, meteorites and satellites and he must be dedicated to be out of bed on a winters night at three in the morning. Technically I learnt a lot eg. the 500 Rule and I noted that he often used fish-eye lenses and a circular format - I especially liked his windmill!
The second half was completely different (no stars) and the emphasis was ACTION. Birds, insects, aircraft, motorbikes, surfers, jet skis, hill climbs, multi-shot images and lots of other high–speed activities. All technically difficult, John’s images fully conveyed dynamic movement - John, your versatility is amazing. I liked the Spitfire and Typhoon together (but I would) and the dragonflies in flight.
The message from the talk was for us all to push our limits, to do something different, to extend ourselves technically and learn something new. I will not be going parascending, hanging over a cliff or walking about in the pitch black like John but I got the message!
18th November 2016 – Speaker - Stephen Banks – Astro & Milky Way
Well, follow that!! Stephen, a 24-year-old PR guy of Bridport, Dorset, has taken the astronomy photography world by storm – in 2013 he was asked to enter his pictures for Astronomy Photographer of the Year award, and no wonder. Visit his website and you will immediately see why! He started his talk showing us two time lapse videos (Bridport by Night & Dorset by Night) from 2011/12, using a Nikon camera (his favourite maker). He had recently moved to Dorset from Liverpool and was captivated by the clarity of the west country night sky.
I’m not sure I would set up a camera at night and wander off to let it “do its thing”! He is currently obsessed with the Milky Way! But his “non sky” photography is just as good.
Just a couple of points, he mentioned the 500/600 rule, a couple of apps he uses PhotoPills and Night AR, and to reduce ‘noise’, which occurs when using a high ISO, he stacks images (that’s a trick well worth knowing!), and avoid moonlit nights.
We were blessed with half a dozen QE students who had been invited, I hope they enjoyed the evening as much as I did!
©Archway to Heaven - by kind permission
2nd December 2016 – AV’s – Peter Budd
Peter had been asked if he could give some more pointers on producing AV’s following a previous highly successful showing. Peter explained that if making an AV one should have in mind a reason e.g, a nice way to display a set of ones images, to interpret some music or poetry, or a documentary. But, have an idea in mind and stick to it.
The following would apply to whatever program one used to make an AV. Use good images, choose either portrait or landscape aspect, not both, sized. Avoid massive changes in colour balance and intensity between adjacent images (can affect 3rd image when 1 or 2 dissolve to 3rd). Use only 1 or 2 types of dissolve and avoid excessive zooming and panning. Script should be short sentences, simple language (as it is spoken, conversational style) with gaps. Don’t try to describe what is in the image but add to it, don’t use songs when using a script, nor well known music! Use a steady volume of music, and
soften when speech introduced. Peter sang the praises of LAM and Audacity for recording speech, and the benefits of an IAC licence when using youtube and He demonstrated creating an AV using PicturesToExe Delux from
He then treated us to another of his documentaries “From Haytor Rocks to the Sea” charting the granite railway line used to move the quarried granite for shipment to London, and an AV by Val Rawlins, which I found rather sad, “The Shape of Things”.
9th December 2016 – Christmas Dinner – New Inn, Coleford
There were 17 members and partners present and our thanks go to George and Carol (and Captain ) and their the staff at the New inn Coleford for a warm and hospitable welcome. The meal was very tasty and well prepared and served, with quite a varied menu available.
The quiz, as usual set by Peter, was easy by his standards but the quote of the evening has to be from Dennis who said " I haven't finished the quiz but the quiz has finished me " which I think was shared by several of the group. His Themes were Anagrams for Classic food and TV shows, and dingbats of British towns and cities, and a general section of dingbats.
The quiz was won by Peters' wife Jane who had not seen the questions, but had an advantage as she understood how his brain worked !!!!!!!!! All in all, a very pleasant evening.
16th December 2016 – Adrian Oaks
A return visit to the club for Adrian to show us more of his wonderful images of Dartmoor and Devon, followed by a few from another trip to New York, (his favourite city for photography). He strongly recommends getting up early and staying out late to catch that special light and looking at his stunning photographs of Dartmoor and the Devon coast shows this really does pay off. Get your wellies on and stand in the middle of those Dartmoor streams and rivers, use long lenses, take wide-angle shots, use bracketing and think outside the box for that unusual shot.
After the break Adrian took us through some techniques he uses in Photoshop to process his Raw images . His advice when shooting was to try using live view, take two shots, plus and minus the exposure compensation to match and capture what you are seeing in the sky and foreground, then blend the two exposures together in post processing and hey presto! Adrian also gave us tips on using layer masks and use of the gradient tool to control blending. He then showed us how to do a black and white conversion in two steps! After doing the levels simply take the Saturation slider down to minus 100 and up the Clarity slider. Also try playing with the temperature slider, then sharpen the image, crop it and save it. Job done! Simples! He suggested setting your camera to mono and to take a Raw + Jpeg helping you to see the scene in black and white.
I am sure everyone couldn’t fail to be inspired and enthused by Adrian and I hope we can look forward to a further visit from him in the future.
Internal Competitions
7th October 2016 – 1st Trophy Competition Judge: Marija Lees LRPS - Exeter
As normal, we asked Marija, a member of Exeter Club and fairly new to judging, to review all our images prior to the competition. As a consequence, she was able to give us an excellent critique of our images.
There was a general feeling afterwards that the image of the night was Ken’s “Fushia”, a brave choice by the judge but so well deserved. Total entries were 15 mono prints, 19 colour prints, and 33 digital.
The dates for the internal competitions next year are
20 Jan 2017 Comp 3 General - Judge - Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AVFIAP - Exmouth
17 Mar 2017 Comp 4 Theme “Altered Perspective” - Judge - John Kelley – Bideford
External Competitions
11th November 2016 South Devon Photographic League (SDPL) Print Image Competition – Judge John Kelley – Hosted by Crediton Photography Club
This interclub competition is between us, Exmouth, Newton Abbot, Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club. Two rounds, first is the print competition, the second round in the spring is digital images. Each Club submits 15 fifteen images no more than two from any one photographer. Last year we struggled to hold on to our 4th place position despite Newton Abbot’s attempts to dislodge us. When you remember that Exmouth fielded images by Sheila Haycox and John Perriman, and Newon Abbot, Gordon Aspland, then 16 points between 1st and 4th place is quite an achievement. Newton Abbot: 1st 249. Dawlish & Teignmouth:2nd 245. Exmouth: 3rd 242. Crediton; 4th 233 points. Mick Wells' choice of John Kelly to do the judging was superb, the other clubs’ officials were taking contact details from him as they liked his style. He explained clearly where an image excelled, where it could be improved, and what caught his eye. I am looking forward to him judging the 4th competition “Altered Perspectives”. Our two top scoring entries, by Mick and Anne, see the Newsletter heading.
Recommended Websites
Adrian Oakes - Photoshop/lightroom tutorials
Cyril – for reviews/tests of lenses and cameras. and
Mike Elliott Stop Frame Animation
Dave Extreme Macro Focal Point Imaging at Pinhoe Focal Point Imaging
To get the lowdown on our competition judges
Cotswold Mounts – for pre-cut frames and board DS Colour Labs For printing.
The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) is a tool to help with the planning of all types of outdoor photography. Obie’s Gallery is just a bit different.
Adobe Lightroom Great for LR tutorials Geoff Lawrence - Tips for us beginners
Cambridge in Colour –Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.
Channel on Youtube for a range of simple photo tutorials
Terry White – 5 Things I Do To Every Portrait (Lightroom & Camera Raw) Online workshops taught by world-class experts Hyperfocal distance chart Community gallery – recommended by Mick & Mike - What is says on the tin! Nice one from Cyril.
If you find a good website, (or a broken link) let me know
Lyn does the Photography Club’s Facebook Please upload your photos and comments
Christmas Cracker
Ed wants to know if this photo taken at the Xmas Tree Festival could be considered for the
“Altered Perspectives” competition.
The Reverend Kate Bottley, who kindly posed for Ed during a break from filming for BBC’s Songs of Praise.