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We meet at the Masonic Hall, Union Road, Crediton, on Friday evenings at 7.30pm
See our website for details and full programme.
Newsletter Heading Photos
David reported that for the 8th Jan Workshop- “Mick had risked his wife’s wrath when he brought in an expensive blue glass vase which provided some beautiful internal reflections in the light-box and was very popular.” Well Mick, it was worth the risk as Denzil’s Mono above shows. Looking forward to seeing the “Blue Vase” in a competition!
From the AV night it could have been a plane but Richard’s “Mountain Hare” is quite outstanding.
Your Input……Your Say……Your Club
During the Review Evening I was presented with a very nice bottle of wine as thanks for my efforts with the Newsletter (see below). I am very grateful for the support I receive from Club members, in this Newsletter to Jeanne, Cyril, David, Russ and Mike for their contributions, our thanks to them. It does make my task of producing the Newsletter so much easier. A special mention and the promise of a pint for Mick Wells who not only has to arrange all the competitions but also provide me and Lyn (Facebook) with all the details and images. Thanks also to those who sent images for inclusion, great stuff.
Your views, comments and suggestions for articles that would interest other members would be gratefully received, and why not email me to say how much you enjoy reading our efforts. Even offer to write a report! With your help and encouragement I hope to produce a newsletter twice a year. Please contact John Andrews
The Chair’s Bit
Hi all A very varied and sometimes cobbled together section of the year. We have had, - some really excellent speakers. - two comps which were judged fairly and without too much "judge’s preferences". - quite a lot of workshops, which I am aware are not to everyone’s taste, but those that did attend them, appeared to get something out of them. - a couple of experiments in programme manipulation. - several external events and meetings. - some really cold evenings in the hall! All of these meetings can only succeed with the participation of the members, and I would like to thank you all for exactly that - your participation, support and enthusiasm. I also have the privilege to set the Summer Challenge Subject for those that wish to take part, so this year I would like to see a single or small group (Max 3) of Digital images with the title "Tea Time". No restrictions on what you submit, as long as you can demonstrate or show a link to the title. These images will be shown early in the New Season starting September 2016 I hope you have a great summer break, enjoy your holidays, and keep clicking those shutters. Very Best Regards Russ
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Notes from the programme 2015-2016
8th January 2016 – Workshop evening
The Chairman’s request to move the Exeter City / Liverpool FA Cup match so that it did not clash with our first meeting after the Christmas break had fallen on deaf ears but nonetheless our turnout was good. It was also hand-in for Competition 3. This was a practical evening and considering the atrocious weather for the previous month most people were keen to get their shutters working.
Peter set up his light-box together with a large number of still life items. We also had a good debate about the Flying Scotsman and steam locos. Andy brought in a model head and lights for people to practise lighting portraits. He also had his new camera tethered to his laptop and impressed us all with his 50Mp images.
Michael announced that Mifsuds had sent five photography books for the club. We drew lots for them and the odds were quite good so five people went home with a late Christmas present. Michael also offered to advise and help anyone with photographic questions. I know that at least John S made good use of Michael’s expertise.
All in all a good night to help get our motivation back after the bad weather and long break. A fairly good night for Exeter City too who drew in spite of leading twice – a money-spinning result.
Finally many thanks to all and to Andy, Peter and Michael in particular.
15th January 2016 –Speaker – Richard Fox – Landscapes
Richard gave a very interesting talk with a difference. Obviously passionate about photography He started by telling us how he started in photography using an old camera belonging to his father, progressed through various cameras, starting with a Canon 5DII, and then onto shooting without filters.
The majority of his work is shot in Dartmoor, and being an avid cyclist and mountain biker, he has experienced a lot of its beauty. He explained how to get the best light on the chosen subject, be it near or far, and then acquiring an eye for different genres like cropped landscapes, side-lighting, mist and the beauty of our local landscape demonstrated by images of sunsets and sunrises on different parts of Dartmoor, images of water, from fast moving rivers to still lakes achieving reflections in the water. The first half of his talk concluded with a gripping time lapse sequence.
After a well-earned cup of tea, Richard treated us to the most amazing images taken on a “Storm Chasing” trip to the USA. This included stunning time-lapse photography of developing storms and explanations of how they develop from the various cloud formations. He concluded his talk with a series of images from his trip to the Isle of Skye.
When informed we are having a talk on Landscape Photography, you don’t know what to expect, but this was a talk with a difference and the whole evening was a real treat.
29th January 2016 – Speaker
Kevin Keatley
Wildlife Watching Supplies
For someone who said he was “outside his comfort zone” he gave a stunning presentation of his work in two parts. The first part being images of the landscape and wildlife that he has captured, the
In addition to his camera, with either a telephoto or wide angle lens, three flash guns, Bird Hides, camouflage clothing, light beams to trigger the camera, a monopod, and bean bag, were amongst items of equipment he uses.
He emphasised that he spends time to form a link to the wildlife before photographing, and does not rush in, putting down food as a bait to get the wildlife to come to where he wants them.
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second half had a bias on how he went about photographing the wildlife in the landscape.
Kevin runs a business called Wildlife Watching Supplies, and this was evident when the setup he uses in the field was shown. He has developed camouflage materials and hides used by amongst others, Special Forces!
He passed on many tips to us on the technique he uses to capture photographs of wild flowers (suggesting that the photographer uses a low viewpoint), birds, badgers, deer, otters, etc. either in Devon or further away, including Scotland and the Farne Islands. His South West locations included Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor, Dartmoor and the New Forest. His landscape photography was very dramatic using the early morning light, especially in the Autumn.
Overall a very inspirational presentation.
6th February 2016 – Digital Panel
Well, would you believe it if I told you people were complaining that the room was too hot! Well done Mick. And that we had I think 24 panels and other “photos of Interest” to view. I’ll probably get some of this wrong but me – Scotland 2013. Ken - Groynes and Pebbles (Porlock). Richard – Wildlife and Crow Point. Mike – Kingston Lacey, Reflections, Time Capsule, Reflections in Heavy Metal (2). Dennis – Back Garden, Bob - Rusty Sewing Machines (in style of Rob Fry!)? no, a very poignant homage to Oradour-sur-Glane, Mortemart Carmelite Convent and Church Stone Images. Terry – Dragonflies. Mick – Barra, The Sunrise that Never Happened. David – Vulcan Farewell (huge discussion on planes following this one), Insects (Macro), Club Exercises, Macro Flowers, Macro Insects, Planes, Flowers. Peter – “Red, Gold & Yellow” (Killerton), “Coast and Mining”, “On Cosdon Hill”. Anne – “Poltimore Church”. Lyn – “Dogs With All Feet Off The Ground, Failed”. Christine – “Skies”.
Brilliantly supported evening and great fun due to the huge effort put in by all members.
12th February 2016 – Learn New Skills
This was an evening which was intended to introduce the members to new skills which they may or may not be aware of already. The evening was presented by Chairman Russ, who introduced us to “Moviemaker” which is a free download from Windows Essentials.
This was followed by Dennis with an AV presentation of a holiday in Scotland. He explained that an AV can be compiled with either Proshow, Pictures to Exe or Powerpoint. There was then a presentation of “Steam Dream” at Woody Bay.
It was pointed out that if you are contemplating putting together an AV presentation and want to add music to it, then this has to be out of copy write. You can download music from a website - Audio Network for which you pay 84 pence as long as it is for personal use. You need to have a license which can be purchased from IAC for around £30.
Mick then presented a slide show of our images which were entered in WCPF DPIC Competition, which was won by F8 Group (Bristol/Exmouth).
19th February 2016 – Painting With Light
“Photography” means “drawing with light”, but “painting” was near enough, since the Greeks failed to provide a handy word for “people mucking about in a dark hall with LED torches”**. Members arrived
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with tripods, cameras, bemused expressions, and various sources of illumination. As the evening progressed, enlightenment…even the odd flash of inspiration, began to emerge. A suggestion that we adjourned with our torches to the darker recesses of the nearby churchyard was politely ignored; probably a wise decision as on such a dismal February night, grave mishaps were clearly a possibility.
Several different techniques were deployed. Russ Ballard’s pocket laser proved a very effective means of drawing sharp, well defined patterns, and other portable light sources produced some very interesting effects when used with a wide range of metal, glass and other table-top subjects. Several members bravely volunteered as models, with mixed and sometimes quite scary results. A trio of senior (in rank, not age, of course) members created a group pose for a posse of intrepid photographers. The results, it has to be said, looked like a very bad night on Mount Rushmore.
Meanwhile, in another room, Mick Wells’ prestidigitation with a set of reasonably priced coloured LEDs produced some good graphic effects. Later, these little marvels were bound to the fingers of the club secretary who was encouraged to gesture some (but not quite all) of the short words suggested to him so they could be luminously recorded for posterity. As these had to be written backwards, a better knowledge of Hebrew would have been as asset.
Photographically, what did we all learn?
? That this was an interesting technique that, with practice, might produce a wide range unique and arresting images.
? That exposure settings were not too critical, but getting accurate focus could prove tricky.
? That because most camera types black out the viewfinder or screen during the exposure, keeping track of what you were recording was difficult, and partly down to trial and error.
? Most techniques required practice and patience, and some experimentation.
? It was really hard to adjust your manual camera settings in total darkness, especially if you had no clear idea what they did in the first place.
? That drinking coffee with LEDs taped to your fingers is not to be recommended.
All in all, club members felt this was a rewarding activity which, with further practice, could add another technique to their portfolio of skills.
Mike Elliott
** ????? is a possibility.
26th February 2016 – WCPF Print Portfolio – Travelling Exhibition
Firstly a big thank you to Richard Heywood who spent a couple of hours setting up the room, and then took the prints back to Tiverton.
These prints are from the 2015 Print Competition, and are the “second tier”. The first tier photographs were displayed during the summer at Buckfast Abbey.
Richard’s efforts made it possible for us to spend the first half of the evening viewing and then volunteers choosing both their favourite and least favourite from amongst over 60 of the 112 images available to us, each explaining why we had made our choices.
The second half of the evening we viewed most of the other 62 images in the style of our Competition nights.
Comments were not only made on the images but also on the different styles of mounting, remembering that these prints are doing the rounds of approximately 120 clubs in the Federation and need to take quite a bit of handling!
This excellent and enjoyable evening went very quickly and we only just managed to see all the prints.
Again, thanks Richard.
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4th March 2016 – Workshop
It was lovely to see model Camy, sadly maybe for the last time as she is considering focusing on her singing career. Thanks to Andy for setting up a “studio” in the front room.
The main hall had a “makeover” by Russ who set up 4 work stations, water drops (we learnt that this needed more distance for the drop), smoke trails, the red/black glass trick (fascinating) and a slow motion spinning wheel (in the style of Oliver Postgate).
The highlight of the evening was watching Russ trying to get his lightbox into a figure of eight to get it back into its bag. He admitted defeat and had to take it home for “the boss” to do!
11th March 2016 – David Snowden – Oak Farm Studio
David is a good friend of our Club and it was very pleasing to learn that he has been made President of Exeter Photography Club. Rather than his usual “talk” intro he was able to update us on his new studio, a converted barn into an “infinity” studio. The images he has taken in this new setting, together with his skill with lighting has produced some astounding images.
David explained that he was a fifth generation farmer but his children had all set their sights elsewhere. Concerned that his life, work and farming practices would be lost he is writing a book, “A Year on the Farm.” and we were privileged to get a viewing of the photos which may be used with an explanation. This is a personal project that David has embarked upon showing the good, the bad and the ugly side of farming, including a sheep dog who is terrified of sheep! It has taken him three years to put together so far and is still ongoing. There are certain things that happen on a farm it is best not to know, lambs look sweet in a field but not during birth, a Magnum 32 and hollow nosed bullets, those burdizzo thingies which make grown men weep and bulls’ eyes to water – David spared us none of the details. Ok, for the farmers amongst us, this was day to day life, but for the rest of us this was a new world.
From images of his family, past and present, through Spring on the farm, the birth of calves and lambs. At one point he showed an image of piglets with the sow, he had successfully given the kiss of life to one of them! Then through the seasons, with cutting and baling hay and silage etc. in the Summer, through the wet weather of Autumn, followed by frost and snow of Winter. As he works the farm mainly on his own, he had to improvise to take the photographs by setting up the camera at various points while he was working and using a remote control. A man who can multi-task!! The book will not only be the story of his work, but with his photos, a work of art. An exceptional and thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Jeanne & John
1st April 2016 – Print Panel & Funny Image
Russ went first with his prints of ‘corridors,’ followed by John with his rusty wreck “The Maheno”and a very interesting history of this WW1 hospital ship. Michael showed us some glass ‘Fragments’ taken in Exeter and also told us of two unusual cemeteries not in the dead centre of town! Next came Denzil’s aircraft - my personal favourites (his Sopwith Triplane really to my taste). Christine showed two panels of street scenes/markets from her recent visit to Myanmar (Burma in old language) and these very colourful images together with her commentary were very descriptive of Burmese life – it’s not surprising she did so well in the people-themed competition. The session was concluded by Mick and his Scottish dancers from Barra (his epiphany). He demonstrated his ability to manufacture a hand and told us of his photographic prowess – can’t really argue after this year’s competitions!
After break we had people’s funnies. Dennis, Anne, myself, John, Russ and Mick all contributed with images or AVs. All the images made us laugh whilst some taken from the internet by Russ were particularly appreciated. We re-established that Dennis knows his place, I like aeroplanes, Christine looks at kilt-wearing mens thighs and Russ is not politically correct. I’m still scratching my head about Mick’s selection!
Finally, it was a good turnout, informative at times, we had a laugh and overall it was a well-filled and successful night.
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8th April 2016 – Presentation Evening
Monochrome Prints
The Phillips & Co. Shield
Colour Prints
The John Mason Memorial Shield
Digital Images
The John Parkhouse Cup
1st Mick Wells (140 points)
2nd Denzil Tancock (132)
3rd Michael Elliott (124)
1st Mick Wells (148 points)
2nd Christine Marshall (128)
3rd Michael Elliott (125)
1st Mick Wells (135 points)
2nd Michael Elliott (124)
3rd Cyril Chudley (122)
All three trophy competitions were won this year by Mick Wells, not the first time he achieved this remarkable feat. Congratulations Mick.
Well done also to Denzil, Christine, Cyril and especially Michael Elliott.
Mick also took centre stage by presenting all the members’ competition entries for the year in an AV, with an extremely clever selection of music which brought to life the images.
Best Picture Of The Year
The “Best Picture of the Year” selected by our Jeannie was by Denzil. She liked the open gate and the fact that it seems to be inviting you in to go along the path which leads to the tree in the distance.
Ed gets read
Second Best Picture Of The Year
15th April 2016 –Evening Outing
One large group of Russ, David, John A, John S, Lyn & Colin, braved the cold and met on Cathedral Green, hoping for some good lighting and interesting night sky. We did our best despite the lack of floodlighting on the Cathedral and then repaired to the Mill on the Exe to capture the footbridge. Other groups are available!
22nd April 2016 – Season Review
A very useful and informative discussion reviewing the programme and speakers for the past year, gave the Chair and Prog Sec. some good feedback and a few ideas.
Lyn had kept a Monthly Image Diary and showed 2 of her images from each month.
Pete said of the AV of the island of Skye by Anne “I really thought Anne's pictures caught the mood of the music and song”. I agree, the talk by Sheila Haycox on “How to create stunning AV’s” (see 6th November 2015) has paid dividends! And to prove it we were then treated to three AV’s from Peter, the first being a Photo Harmony “The Steam Rally”. I think he is getting the hang of these!
Peter then, (he has more “O” Level History passes than an Examiner) treated us to two of his investigations into our area’s history. The first was “The Turbulent Summer of 1549” with the (revised) events of the start of the Prayer Book Rebellion. Second came “Run, Rabbit, Run” an investigation into the origins of rabbits on Dartmoor, sites of old warrens (Pillow Mounds on maps) and the still visible archaeological remains (stone vermin traps etc).
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Internal Competitions
22nd January 2016 – 3rd Trophy Competition Judge: Ian Smith CPAGB
Ian told me he had 5 Clubs’ competitions to judge in the next 2 months but he really enjoys seeing people’s images – and getting a few ideas! Ian’s main interest is panoramic images, and lectured here on this subject 6 years ago. He is a member of Launceston Camera Club.
Colour Monochrome Digital
1st ~ Isle of Barra (20pts) Mick Wells
1st ~ Gallery at Exeter Museum (20pts) Mick Wells
1st ~ Admiring Kingston Lacey (20pts) Michael Elliott
2nd ~ Cockle Beach (19pts)
Mick Wells
2nd ~ Glen Grudie (19pts)
Mick Wells
2nd ~ Stairs (19pts)
Richard Burston
3rd ~ Red Arrows (17pts)
Denzil Tancock
3rd ~ Keep It Straight (18pts)
Peter Budd
3rd ~ Boats at Salem (18pts)
Mick Wells
18th March 2016 - Forth Trophy Competition – Theme “People” Judge: Gordon Aspland
Gordon is well known to our Club and a respected judge and speaker in photography in the South West. He has been a keen photographer for 38 years and is a member of Newton Abbot Photographic Club. He has visited our club in many guises and judged for us on a number of occasions.
And Christine agreed with nearly everything he said!!
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1st ~ Teacher
Mick Wells
1st ~ Wanna Ride
Christine Marshall
1st ~ Austin Pride
Christine Marshall
2nd ~ Motorbike Man
Mick Wells
2nd ~ BJ
Mick Wells
2nd ~ Taking A Rest
Anne Logan
3rd ~ Milk Shake
Christine Marshall
3rd ~ Rushing Past
Denzil Tancock
3rd ~ Vintage Gent
Mick Wells
External Competitions WCPF DPIC 2016 Held on Sunday, 7 February 2016 at the Corn Exchange, Exeter We submitted 18 images to represent Crediton in this year's event. Last year 47 clubs entered, this year 56. Crediton came =45th, but I had a sneaking suspicion that we would do better and that this might be our year. There are about 120 clubs in the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF), stretching from Dorchester, Swindon, Bristol down to Penzance. It's a huge catchment area, and the show is held in the middle, in Exeter. We don't know how lucky we are. Although there were some absolutely stunning images very few got top marks of 14 and 15 (John said there must have been a “Fry” in the ointment). This meant that there was a bunching of scores, we were only 25 points short of 1st place!
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Our two highest scorers, achieving 12 points, which requires all three judges to award 4 points out of 5. The Engraver by Peter Budd Sea Mist by Ken Saunders South Devon Photographic League (SDPL) Digital Print Image Competition Wednesday 9th March 2016 – Hosted by Exmouth
This is the second round of a two-part competition, the first round being the Print competition held last November in Newton Abbot. Just to recap the other clubs involved are Newton Abbot and Teignmouth and Dawlish Camera Club and each Club submitted fifteen digital images with not more than two from any one photographer. The judge was Peter Fry from Barnstaple. Peter had also judged the corresponding SDPL Print Competition that had been held at Newton Abbot back in November.
The results for the Digital Competition were as follows:
Exmouth 221, D&T 182, NA 182, Crediton 168
And the results from the previous Print Competition were:
Exmouth 221, D&T 212, Crediton 209, NA 200
Combining the two results gives the SDPL final total for this season:
Exmouth 442, D&T 394, NA 382, Crediton 377
As part of the refreshment provided by Exmouth, was the usual fare of homemade cakes. Of particular interest was the Bread Pudding – incidentally this had been baked by Jean, a long-serving Exmouth member and pâtissière (who refused several offers of marriage). It needs to be pointed out that this was actual Bread Pudding, and not Bread & Butter Pudding - a common mistake many people make. John had two chunks.
All in all, a good evening.
Michael Wells External Competition Secretary (Acting) to receive offers of marriage Saturday 2nd April 2016 – WCPF AV Competition at Clyst St Mary Village Hall Judge: Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB
This annual competition is open to all members of clubs affiliated to the Western Counties Photographic Federation and all entrants are limited to a total of 2 sequences with a combined length of no more than 12 minutes. Within the competition there are three categories:-
Short (no more than 4 minutes in length).
Long (between 4 and a maximum of 12 minutes)
Photo Harmony, where the emphasis is on good flow with visual harmony in colour, tone or graphic design and a sequence, not exceeding 6 minutes, where pictures blend well with each other and with the sound chosen. This is, without a doubt, the most difficult goal to achieve!
It was good to see a few Crediton Camera Club members attending, namely Peter, Christine, Terry, Bob and myself. Throughout the day we were treated to a total of 37 sequences from 24 entrants from 12 different clubs. Winning sequences came from Exmouth, Newton Abbot, Backwell, Calne, Kingswood, Swindon and Devizes and what an amazing variety of subject matter there was. Sadly, no-one from Crediton, ie Peter and yours truly, came away with a trophy but between us all we did extremely well in the raffle!!!
It is always a great and very inspiring day and I would encourage anyone to go.
PS The next WAVES, Western Audio-Visual Enthusiasts, meeting is on Saturday 14th May. Anne
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Monday 19th April 2016 – Three-way Meeting Hosted by Okehampton Camra Club
This event was attended by seven members from Crediton Photographic Club together with members of Okehampton and Dulverton Clubs.
It was an entertaining and informative evening with members of all clubs presenting examples of their work, ranging from workshops which included still life, smoke, water drops and model photography, to wild life and landscape photography in far-flung places. We were also entertained with a presentation of images of how to combine smoke with bubbles, including a recipe for the liquid to get the best bubbles and the best colours.
Half-way through the evening all those present were invited to partake of a buffet which had been prepared by the members of Okehampton Club.
All in all, a good evening out. Those who didn’t come, you don’t know what you missed!
Recommended Websites
Adrian Oakes - Photoshop/lightroom tutorials
Cyril – for reviews/tests of lenses and cameras. and
Mike Elliott Stop Frame Animation
Dave Extreme Macro Focal Point Imaging at Pinhoe Focal Point Imaging
To get the lowdown on our competition judges
Cotswold Mounts – for pre-cut frames and board DS Colour Labs For printing.
The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) is a tool to help with the planning of all types of outdoor photography. Obie’s Gallery is just a bit different.
Adobe Lightroom Great for LR tutorials Geoff Lawrence - Tips for us beginners
Cambridge in Colour –Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.
Channel on Youtube for a range of simple photo tutorials
Terry White – 5 Things I Do To Every Portrait (Lightroom & Camera Raw) Online workshops taught by world-class experts Hyperfocal distance chart Community gallery – recommended by Mick & Mike - What is says on the tin! Nice one from Cyril, lots of info and ideas for walks and links to other Dartmoor related sites. tutorials
If you find a good website, (or a broken link) let me know
Lyn does the Photography Club’s Facebook
Please upload your photos and comments